TQJ 2/2020, issue 80
May – July 2020

Benefiting health with self-massage
Massage of the five sense organs in Nei Yang Gong
By Anna Mietzner
Qigong traditionally also includes self-massage methods that serve to stimulate certain acupuncture points, meridians or areas of the body. In Nei Yang Gong such massages play an important role in maintaining or restoring health. Anna Mietzner here presents massage techniques for various sense organs; these can strengthen the organs themselves and also have a beneficial effect on the corresponding organs and functional cycles.

»How do you carry out ›non-action‹?«
Interview on Taiji sword training with Tom Daly
The sword is one of the most widespread weapons in Taiji training, especially in the Zheng Manqing tradition. Redmond Entwistle interviewed one of the best-respected sword form teachers in this lineage, Tom Daly, about essential points relating not only to training the form but also to sword sparring. As in tuishou, sticking and following play an essential role here, as does allowing things to happen in the sense of non-action.
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Life art and an aid for life
Taijiquan and Qigong in the time of Corona
By Dietlind Zimmermann
Due to the corona crisis the huge majority of us are limited in our day-to-day life movements, and many – due less to the disease itself than to the associated regulations – also find their economic existence being threatened. Dietlind Zimmermann investigates the question of how our life arts can support us and protect us from anxiety and loneliness by helping us to sense our connection with heaven and earth, with the great totality.

Life between inhalation and exhalation
Exercises to strengthen the function of the lungs
By Huang Tsui-Chuan
In the current situation it makes sense to look a little closer at how we can use our Chinese life arts to strengthen the functioning of our lungs. Huang Tsui-Chuan has compiled a series of exercises that strengthen the lungs, deepen the breath and support our immune system.