TQJ 4/2022, issue 90

Yin/Yang in Qigong
By Peter Deadman
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International Push Hands Meeting Prague
9. – 11. September 2022 in Prague (CZ)
By Alister Scott
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TQJ 2/2022, issue 88

The Thirteen Postures As Neigung Training For Tai Chi Chuan
By Hal Mosher
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TQJ 1/2021, issue 83

Taijiquan as a therapeutic resource
Awareness of the health benefits of Taijiquan is growing
By Patricia Huston
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TQJ 4/2020, issue 82

Already free
Film review by Helmut Oberlack
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TQJ 2/2020, issue 80

»How do you carry out ›non-action‹?«
Interview on Taiji sword training with Tom Daly
By Redmond Entwistle
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TQJ 4/2018, issue 74

The Five Animal Frolics in Taiwan. Nourishing health on a beautiful island
By Michael A. DeMarco
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TQJ 3/2018, issue 73

Animal Forms and Ancestral Masters: Two Patterns of “Direct Contact” in Daoist Ritual
By Georges Favraud
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TQJ 2/2014, issue 56


»Do the best you can within your ability« – Interview with Faye Li Yip
By Ronnie Robinson
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TQJ 3/2001, issue 5

The Daoyin Yangsheng Gong. Interview with Professor Zhang Guang De.

By Martin Pendzialek
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TQJ 2/2000, issue 2

5th Annual Conference of the National Qigong Association of America

By Ronnie Robinson
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